Let’s talk about scope creep. It’s not the latest villain in a summer superhero movie, but it can be just as menacing to your projects. Scope creep happens when everybody THINKS they’ve agreed on what they wanted at the start of a project, but then, like that one friend who can’t resist just one more slice of cake, the idea keeps growing. This can seriously derail your project’s success.

Here’s some friendly advice to keep things on track:

  • Stick to the Plan (aka the Creative Brief): It’s like making a shopping list and not buying the entire store. Agree on what’s needed and let your agency do their magic. Before introducing new ideas, check those ideas against the brief.
  • Communicate often to keep expectations aligned: Regular chats help everyone stay on the same page. Plus, it’s always nice to hear your voice! And here’s a BIG factor (maybe the biggest): How far does the project need to go before you show a draft to decision-makers? Some of the worst scope creep happens after waiting until the last minute to show it to the bosses. You say, “Ta DAH!!,”, and then (OF COURSE) they have a bunch of new ideas.
  • Give good feedback: Good feedback is Clear, actionable, specific, and consolidated –meaning everyone has weighed in before you pass it back to your creative agency.

Beware of “Just One More Thing” Syndrome: We all love a good surprise, but keep them for birthdays, not project timelines.

Remember, a clear scope means happier projects and less stress. Let’s keep it fun, focused, as frictionless as possible, and fantastic!

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