talent acquisition strategy

Acquiring talent is about more than just recruitment.
The best engineers, developers, analysts, administrators, and project managers have a lot of options when they begin their job search. A good recruiter and the promise of great benefits isn’t enough to differentiate your firm from other companies competing for talent.

That’s where great branding comes in. Government contractors have to build out their brand if they want to appeal to the best and brightest. That means creating messaging, positioning, a visual identity, website, and video content that speaks directly to the interests of in-demand recruits, while telling a story that is unique to your firm.

Fifteen4 will work with you to discover your company’s most compelling brand differentiators, and convert that into a talent acquisition strategy tailored to your hiring goals.

Because the best talent isn’t just listening to your recruiters. They’re watching your brand.

Our Process


We’ll help you understand the unique connection between what you do, who you do it for, how you do it differently, and why that should matter to recruits.


Let’s figure out the direction your business is currently facing, and how you can move it forward to acquire more talent.


We’ll build the messaging pillars that comprise your brand and use them to engage the best recruitment candidates.


It’s critical that we uncover the core beliefs from which all messaging extends, articulating your identity in every recruitment effort.

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