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Look, we get it. You’re creative. You have an art degree. You wear a fun hat. You have thoughts about “Devs.” And nobody is going to put you in a box.

Marketing is a space in which creative people can thrive. But when you’re collaborating with clients, sometimes your creativity has to fit within their boundaries. Sometimes, you’re being asked to be a builder; not an architect.

Nobody’s asking you to take off your hat. But as our CEO Steve Smallman explains, there is an entire brand ecosystem that you are stepping into when working with a client, and the work you make has to live within it.

Creativity is all about innovation. But a lot of brands have their fundamental concepts well-established. But that doesn’t mean your creativity is stunted. It’s just flowing in another direction. You can expand, experiment, and present new ideas, but by doing so while respecting budgets, deadlines, and capabilities, you can avoid overpromising and keep the creativity coming.

So, the next time you’re walking your pet pot bellied pig, know that being easy to work with and making the client happy doesn’t make you a sheep. It makes you a professional.

We’ll let Steve explain.

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