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HydroPoint is an emerging leader in a niche field known as “hydropower asset refurbishment.” In order to humanize their brand and clarify a complex solution set, they asked Fifteen4 to refresh their brand and website through our proprietary Hyper15 solution.

brand refresh

By creating simple brand standards for HydroPoint, Fifteen4 was able to standardize color schemes and typography, evolve the logo, and define usage for the mark without changing the spirit of the existing brand.


style guide and web design

Based on the new brand, Fifteen4 created a unified digital style language for implementation throughout the site. This enabled us to create a custom design scheme within set parameters for rapid design and development.


Fifteen4 then used the digital style guide to design a homepage for HydroPoint. The new homepage informed the design language for all interior pages, so we didn’t need to create a unique design for each page. By reusing stylistic components from the homepage, we were able to speed the design and development of other pages.


web development

The HydroPoint site features modules that were developed with consistency and extensibility in mind, allowing for an efficient site buildout after designs were finalized. These modules create the feel of a custom build while providing tailored guardrails for Hydropoint designers. That flexibility (within guidelines) equips their team to make changes to the site without disrupting the design scheme.


the outcome

Without blowing out schedules and budgets, HydroPoint was equipped with a refreshed visual identity and website that redefined that brand and clarified their solution set. To support continued brand evolution, the digital style guide equips their team members to refine and iterate on the site without outside help. For a young emerging tech company like HydroPoint, Hyper15 provides the right combination of flexibility, clear digital guidelines, and rapid development. The result is a transformed brand identity, and the ability to grow the brand and website along with the company.


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