How to Structure Your Creative Process

Fellow marketers: have you ever had a project go wrong? Have you ever felt like your process is wonky?

As creatives, the team at Fifteen4 has tried multiple ways to make creative happen. We believe we have landed on a process that works.

As a follow-up to Casey Hawes’ blog post about the creative process, we went ahead and made it into an animated feature. Naturally, we followed our own process in doing so… The animators met with and talked ideas with Casey. Then we pulled in Justin to transform the post into a script. The animators created style frames and we refined them over several rounds of feedback from the team. Once everyone felt good about the direction, we set our animators loose.

We love it. It feels right and it keeps the spirit of the original while expanding it and making the concepts easy to digest. Frankly, we hope you love it too. If it resonates with you, drop us a line.

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