How a Small Creative Agency Went to Space (and How We Stay Interested in Everything Else)

Fantastic Voyage

In our 17 years of business, we’ve been asked to do some pretty interesting work. We’ve branded craft beer, a food truck, and a farm-to-table operation in the Hudson River Valley of New York. We’ve done piles and piles of content and design for B2B and consumer tech, hospitality gurus, financial services firms, and healthcare heroes. We’ve helped SaaS offerings sound more sassy and a cell phone carrier look more sexy. We’ve worked for apparel companies and people who make ginormous, building-sized refrigerators.

But right now, we’re going to space.

Ground Control to Major Tom

A few months ago we partnered up with a cutting edge satellite-software company to help them rebrand because they saw the moment they were in: a pivotal one of change and trailblazing. It was an opportunity to go to space and we jumped on the ship without a second thought.

Satellites used to be all about imaging, mapping, and routing. Big business for logistics companies and anything involving travel or moving stuff around the globe. But now we live in a world where we use GPS technology every single day. We call for a ride, we order food, we map our runs. We do it because we can. We do it because it’s cool. We do it because it’s amazing that our phones and cars are talking to a thing in space that’s floating around the planet. What on earth? Well technically, what in space?

But this satellite company is having a GPS moment of their own and taking us into the future. They’ve built a platform that combines their own purpose-built satellite constellation with thousands of terrestrially-based sensors, along with an AI that reads news articles, and bundles it all together into insights that work specifically for your business via a point-and-click interface that provides real-time activity-based insights informing the decisions you’re making that matter to you. That was a massive sentence because this is massive. They’re about to go public so that’s all I’ll say. But it’s gonna be YUGE. And it’s going to change how we live our lives, very, very soon.

Dancing Out in Space

As if this couldn’t get any cooler, they also asked us to help name their launch missions. In an industry where punny names are the norm, our copywriter had a blast changing things up and flexing the wordplay.

So right this moment, there are satellites up in the sky with names that our little Baltimore agency came up with. Take a look. If it’s super clever and maybe a little ironic, you’ll know it’s us.

Day-In Day-Out

As cool as our interstellar adventure has been, there’s still plenty of terrestrial work to be done. I find all of our clients fascinating and that’s probably why I’ve lasted as long as I have in this business which seems to change under our feet just about every year or so. There’s always a new company to learn about, a new addressable market that needs addressing (or actually, un-dressing, followed by a proverbial window-dressing when we’re going through a rebrand).

As Ted Lasso said (while quoting Walt Witman), “Stay curious. Not judgemental.” Everything is interesting if you stay interested. People are fascinating. Businesses all have a story. There’s a lot of great work out there if you just stay curious, dig in, learn some stuff and figure out how to talk about it.

So that’s what we do—and we don’t think it’s hard—because we really are interested. We’re curious about you, your story, your offering, your market, and connecting all the dots that matter to the people who really need what it is that you’re doing.

Brilliant Adventure

Branding and marketing aren’t just about selling stuff. Well, you do need to sell your stuff or you won’t stay in business. But it’s really about connecting your product or service to the authentic demand that’s out there for it. It’s about connecting you to the people who need you, listening to them, and then figuring out how to solve their problems by offering what you’re good at, what you’ve developed, and what you’ve perfected.

That’s what makes the world better. That’s what elevates the ordinary to new heights. Even, to space.

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