public relations

CLYDE is a trusted public relations firm based in Washington, DC. As they unveiled their proprietary new Collision Model, they wanted a website that could highlight their new positioning. They asked Fifteen4 to create a new site within a relatively short timeframe, giving us the perfect opportunity to demonstrate our Hyper15 solution in action.

Fifteen4 designed and developed the new CLYDE site using a customized digital style guide and user-friendly design toolkit. The outcome is a dramatically improved website experience, combined with flexibility that empowers site administrators to edit and expand upon the design within the carefully crafted bounds of the style guide. CLYDE’s new Collision Model is all about making an impact, and their new website delivers on that promise.

web + motion design

Fifteen4 incorporated a logo animation, text animations, and other motion design elements to create a dynamic, modern feel without compromising performance. We first created a customized digital style guide to ensure a more efficient creative process and a more cohesive final design.

web development + design toolkit

Fifteen4 rapidly developed the website, leveraging the digital style guide for consistency in development under the timeframe. A user-friendly design toolkit was built into the admin section of the website, empowering CYDE’s team to expand their vision on their own.

A design mockup of the Ventev website displayed on a laptop computer
A design mockup of the Ventev website displayed on a laptop computer

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