Ventev Brand Identity

LINQ website displayed on notebook computer

every brand needs a narrative

Ventev Mobility is a youthful, adventurous tech company that designs and manufactures mobile charging devices. As Ventev began to grow and expand their services, they saw a need to update their brand identity. Having previously engaged Fifteen4 for a packaging design project, they asked us to create messaging and branding that would reflect their growth and innovative spirit. In fact, the packaging design project accelerated the need for new branding, as it illustrated how Ventev had evolved beyond their current identity. Rather than radically reimagine the brand (and lose the brand equity Ventev had already earned in the process), we leaned on the current brand’s foundation while integrating new colors, type treatments, imagery, and other elements to provide a refreshed look. We also created a new brand narrative that focused their messaging on the idea of ‘Life with Power.’ The Ventev internal team were strong partners throughout the process, working to not only change the look and feel of the brand, but to build buy-in from every member of the staff responsible for shaping and communicating the Ventev story. Starting with the most basic of questions—‘Who are we?’—Ventev and Fifteen4 teamed up to create a brand narrative and visual identity that suggest an inspired, innovative, and growing tech company that is poised to become the category leader in mobile charging devices.

logo design

LINQ website displayed on two tablet computers
Three ebook publications displayed in printed format
An image showing the various page designs from an ebook

brand guidelines

A photo of the Ventev Brand Guidelines book
A photo of various spreads from the Ventev Brand Guidelines book
A photo of various spreads from the Ventev Brand Guidelines book
Illustrations designed by Fifteen4 for use in Ventev branding

web mockups

A design mockup of the Ventev website displayed on a laptop computer

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