Cook Off for a Cause: Meet the Fifteen4 Chefs!

Who knew these guys could cook?

Well, maybe they can… I reckon we’ll find out next Friday, October 4th. The Fiery Five from Fifteen4 will be battling it out against MindGrub to support the great organization, Girls in the Game. Get to know our chef warriors below!

Dan Gerdin

Dan Gerding

Favorite food: Anything Greek Best dish: Anything Greek

Dan characterizes his German and Irish heritages as “not being known for their cuisine.” So it makes sense that his favorite thing to make—other than sweeping, hurtful generalizations—is A+ tzatziki sauce. Sorry, Dan’s German and Irish ancestors—you blew it.

Chris Bland

Chris Bland

Favorite food: Mexican Best dish: Killer guac

The central figure in what have been described as multiple “nacho incidents,” Chris is most famous for spearheading Thanksgiving dinner Bland-style; which roughly translates to “modeled after the Waffle House hash brown menu.”

Josh Frisch

Josh Frisch

Favorite food: Sushi Best dish: Chilaquiles

Most editors haven’t cut footage with one hand while whipping up a batch of delicious, piping hot chilaquiles with the other. And neither has Josh. But that’s entirely just because he’s never tried.

Mikko Dumadag

Mikko Dumadag

Favorite food: Eggs & Avocado Best dish: Rice

Mikko’s design skills translate into the kitchen, where he loves rice: Cooking it. Spooning it out. Sharing it with others. Looking at it. Appreciating it. Marveling at its versatility. Much like our staff’s relationship with Mikko himself. Except for cooking and eating him, I mean.

Evan Reisberg

Evan Reisberg

Favorite food: Falafel Best dish: Pesto couscous with chicken and zucchini

Evan’s culinary prowess stretches from Isaraeli to Maghrebi cuisine and beyond. Also a skilled UX developer, a trained sailor, and a loving father, Evan answers the question, “What would it look like if someone was good at everything?”

We Need Your Support!

Fifteen4 has a $2k fundraising goal, which we would love to exceed. Please share our team fundraising link with friends, family, or anyone else that would be interested in contributing to this great organization.

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About Girls in the Game

Girls in the Game offers After School programs for elementary-age girls in Chicago, Baltimore, Bloomington, IL and North Texas. Their middle school program is available to girls in Chicago, Baltimore and North Texas.

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