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Hilton’s Homewood Suites is designed for longer stays. That gives Homewood Suites the opportunity to show customers the true meaning of their core idea: “Where home meets hospitality.”

Hilton entrusted Fifteen4 with the task of crafting a 6-7 minute video to showcase the harmonious blend of home comfort and top-notch hospitality. The objective was to evoke a sense of warmth and intimacy, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the stories shared by both the dedicated Homewood Suites team and satisfied customers. To be shared at Hilton’s annual conference, Fifteen4 was tasked with creating emotion through the brand and showcasing how Hilton team members impact their guests.


the fifteen4 solution

In an effort to showcase as much as possible, Fifteen4 strategically planned to feature interviews with a variety of those who touch all things Homewood Suites. Targeting key staff members, leadership, guests and even family members, Fifteen4 was able to tell a story of how each person’s life has been touched either by working at a Homewood property or staying at one.

By developing a script and putting the perfect film crew in place, Fifteen4 filmed for two days in both Nashville, TN and Memphis, TN. This allowed the team to meet one of the longest tenured Homewood Suites employees, meet guests and their families and capture footage from around two different but welcoming properties.

challenges to conquer

Interview segments from eight different people were included in the final video. In order to create a cohesive narrative, Fifteen4 had to carefully script and edit the footage so that the big idea of making guests and employees feel at home, even in the midst of hardship, was reflected in every interviewee’s comments.


This mini-documentary encapsulates the essence of Hilton Homewood’s intentional hospitality experience. Through candid interviews with staff, customers, and management, the film paints a rich tapestry of diverse perspectives and emotional stories, all seamlessly tied back to the brand’s core values. From heartfelt anecdotes to genuine reflections, each voice adds depth and authenticity, showcasing the profound impact of the Homewood brand on both guests and employees. This award-winning mini-doc not only celebrates the power of storytelling but also reaffirms Homewood’s commitment to creating meaningful experiences for every extended stay.


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