Diligent MGS 2021

A variety of devices showing Diligent MGS 2021 virtual conference platform graphics

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The Modern Governance Summit (MGS) is one of Diligent’s signature annual events. It provides an opportunity to present and explore the key governance issues that are central to Diligent’s solutions. MGS 2021 was also an opportunity to introduce the evolving Diligent Platform and to announce two key company acquisitions that would further expand their capabilities and reach. Through graphic design and video we communicated those messages with bold creative that positioned the newly unified Diligent as category leaders in modern governance. Our large thematic 3D imagery made abundant use of their brand colors while forming a distinct visual language for the event. The process of bringing together numerous dispersed stakeholders always presents a challenge when creating virtual events. In the case of MGS, we solved this issue by filming employees remotely, bringing them together for a unified message on video while also adjusting to working with multiple event vendors. In spite of pandemic-related disruptions, events continue to be a critical component of our clients’ sales and marketing efforts. Diligent is no exception. We were thrilled to work alongside them during this pivotal moment in their company’s history, and we are even more excited to watch their rapid growth and expansion in 2022 and beyond.

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Two tablet computers showing Diligent MGS 2021 virtual conference platform user interface
Laptop displaying Diligent MGS 2021 virtual conference platform user interface

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