We made activating a phone an enjoyable experience!

The Context

A guy walks into a Walmart, buys a UScellular iPhone right off the shelf, and goes home. He stares at it for a while. Now what? How does he activate this thing?

The Previous Customer Process

Without a helpful, well-designed application dedicated to powering up their device, customers would need to use the obsolete UScellular Pre-Paid activation webpage or go through the call center. A better way was possible.

The Goals

Use human-centered UX principles to design a frictionless activation app experience for pre-paid customers.

Write friendly and conversational copy that makes customers feel like they are connecting with a 
human company.


  • The new (and evolving) UScellular brand identity happening concurrently
  • The incredible pace of each sprint within the agile development process
  • Collaboration with UScellular’s internal UX team (Axure wireframes)
  • Collaboration with Deloitte Digital’s development team


We first built the kit of parts and styles that would populate the activation flow, including all the reusable elements like headers, footers, form fields, buttons, icons, and type. This evolved as the new brand identity was released piece by piece.
Design components for the UScellular prepaid activation app

Screen Design + Prototyping

We designed all the base screens and their modified states to accommodate various user journies and connected the interactions to create an interactive prototype. In that process, we were able to diagnose all potential user journey issues before it got to development AND provided the development team with a clearer understanding of expected interactions, flow, transitions, etc.
UScellular prototyping screens

Initial UScellular screen mockups shown in context of an iPhone
Four Smartphones displaying various screens of the UScellular Prepaid Activation app

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