We Asked Our Moms What They Think We do All Day. Here’s What They Said.

Moms. They’re basically responsible for the world going around each day. From the time we were toddlers through becoming parents ourselves, it seems like we just can’t give enough props/love/recognition to all the amazing Mothers in the world.

In honor of the Moms responsible for us who sling pixels all day here at Fifteen4, we wanted to take this opportunity to say…thanks. And we love ya. You rock. In the spirit of fun (maybe too much fun), we asked a bunch of our Moms what exactly they thought we do all day here at our shop. The responses are below, some anonymous, some attributed, all of them reinforcing the fact that even if they can’t tell our CSS from our SQL, our Moms support us in everything we do. Here’s to you Moms!

“My son creates pictures and images on the computer. Some words get added to go along with the pictures. Then my son uses some hocus pocus code which makes the pictures and words work together. After he debugs the project, he makes the whole thing easy to find on the internet. Ta-da!!!!” – June Dennen, Evan’s Mom

“Since Chris is such a ‘people person’ he is able to connect with his clients and is therefore successful in engaging them easily with his presentations. It’s obvious that his work environment is exactly what is needed to shine and produce positive results, and I am so proud to call him my son” – Chris’ Mom

“I don’t think I really know what you do. I know you work with clients with regard to digital advertising/marketing. You listen to what message your client wants to get out and you work with your creative team to come up with an ad to express that. You do what you do best, you talk a lot hahaha.” – Anonymom

“You are a creative wordsmith, a connoisseur of copy, and a crafter of branding messages, of tag lines and captions—whatever the need, you find the best words and place them in the most effective order. You generate the prose that helps Fifteen4’s clients launch their memorable messages into the world. You finesse and massage language until it meets the needs of those with whom you are collaborating. You’re the word guy!” – Justin’s Mom

“In the world of marketing and advertising, Kara is a Production Manager. Kara goes above and beyond to carefully listen to and understand the clients so that products are properly represented – conveying their desired message to targeted markets with integrity and just the right creative flair to draw the biggest audience possible. Kara puts her whole self, heart, and soul, into everything she does, making her exceptionally one of the best in the field to represent your products and messages. Was that three or do I get another one?” – Lisa Roland, Kara’s Mom

“In short, you edit visual information… But I know there’s much more to it in technical terms that I can’t explain.❤️”

“I think your company creates mottos, slogans, memorable graphics and eye-catching logos, puts them in a blender, and gathers what comes out to see if the customer likes it. And then change everything around and submit it again. Whatever it takes to make that customer satisfied. What I think my daughter, Cason, does is try to make the customers and the other employees of Fifteen4 happy. And, of course, she takes care of Pickles.” – Carolyn Cason Talley, Cason’s Mom

“You develop creative concepts to address your client’s marketing goals. You then direct, edit, and produce the conceptualizations into award-winning videos. AND documentaries :)” – Pam Oddo, Sam’s Mom

“I believe you use your creativity and artistic expertise to the best of your ability, keeping in mind each client and the particular needs of the client. The end result should be a product of which you can be proud to say, ‘that’s my work,’ and have your customer returning to you again for technology needs.”  – Shirley Frisch, Josh’s Mom

“Takes care of his accounts. Figures out what they (Fifteen4) can offer. Takes funny pictures of his co-workers.” She also said: “Wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to all of the (Fifteen4) Moms!” – Misuzu Lewis, Toki’s Mom

“I think what you do is engineer and build websites to improve us users’ or consumers’ experience while we are trying to navigate them. Many times, I get frustrated using a website or doing something online and I think ‘ahh, Nick could improve this situation!'” – Julie Patterson, Nick’s Mom

“You work on a computer, designing art digitally for advertising and company branding. You also do typography, though I’m not sure what that is.” – Carolyn Mallory, Kristen’s Mom

“My daughter Jennifer is the VP of Accounts & Operations at Fifteen4. (I had to put that in Jenn). Jennifer’s everyday responsibilities are interacting with a professional team, client needs and management. Jennifer takes care of any situation that may occur in the course of a day. Jennifer is a spitball of fire (when she needs to be). On the other hand, she is a caring and sympathetic person. We love our daughter very much and we’re very proud of her.” – Love, Mom & Dad ❤️❤️

“Oddly my mother sent a gif…

…and I don’t know what to make of it.” – Matt

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