Sam Oddo
Creative Director
the team
Jack of all video trades, master of most. For Samual Oddo, managing our Live Action team translates to having a hand in nearly every aspect of the video production process. Putting together shoot days, maintaining gear, directing, editing, shooting – he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure every one of our videos maintains the high production quality and originality we’re known for. When he’s not making videos, Sam spends his free time jamming on guitars, biking up mountains, painting, and trying to get his friends to eat green eggs and ham.
“So it goes.”
Kurt Vonnegut

don’t let anybody tell you different

Top Ten List (in no particular order):

  • Have a beer with Bill Murray (bucket)
  • Go skydiving (bucket)
  • Sushi (favorite food)
  • The Godfather (favorite movie)
  • “Welcome to the Monkey House” (favorite book)
  • “Super Smash Bros” – N64 (favorite game)
  • Roger Deakins (favorite cinematographer)
  • Travel to outer space (bucket)
  • Breakfast/brunch (favorite meal of the day)
  • DOGS
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