Announcing Our New Marketing Podcast: The Design of Experience

Fifteen4 Podcasters in the Podcast Studio

Finally, a Marketing Podcast for Humans!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new marketing podcast, The Design of Experience.

Does the world need another marketing podcast? We asked ourselves that very question and guess what? The answer was a resounding Yes!

Why? Well, we take experiences very seriously here at Fifteen4 and we think you should too. We believe that the best experiences—whether they involve video, animation, the web, social media—are carefully thought out, planned with goals in mind, and meticulously designed.

Of course, we gave ourselves the mandate that we have to be real, talk about things that we are passionate about, and express our unique point of view. We studied other marketing podcasts but found them to be either overly academic, formulaic, or just plain boring. We like to have fun, so we keep the tone of each episode conversational and very human. These are conversations, not diatribes or lectures!

Welcome to the Design of Experience: conversations about the ideas that make us feel a tribal devotion to the things we love.

The First Three Episodes are Live

Episode 1: Common Threads

Abercrombie and Fitch perfume warfare, The Disney World Underground, and the marketing power of the bathroom floor. Are brand experiences more powerful than products themselves? How do we uncover the crown jewels hiding in plain sight? Today, CEO of Fifteen4, Steve Smallman, and web designer/marketer, Emily Wolf, talk about the common threads that are woven into meaningful brand experiences.

Episode 2: Diving into Digital

The formative powers of Pacman, the ROI of custom shoelaces, and Amazon as a digital gateway drug. In an age where everything is accelerating and information is ambient, how do digital and analog coexist? How do online experiences translate into real life, and vice versa? Today, Steve and Emily—along with special guest Matt DeVille, Fifteen4’s VP of Digital—talk about the intersection of digital and analog worlds.

Episode 3: Staying Human in a Digital World

Parenting-induced time travel, The Cult of Anti-Instagrammers, and the definition of digital as told by Walt Whitman. Should you tell stories you don’t believe in? Are there analog experiences impossible to translate into the digital world? Today, Steve and Emily—and Matt, again—discuss how to discern genuine acts of authenticity in an age where being authentic is a trend.

Coming Soon: Storytelling for B2B Marketing

Episode 4: Storytelling for B2B Marketing

Indestructible hot beverage containers, shooting Womp rats in a T-42, and the surprising positives behind cardboard pizza crust. What stories need to be told? How does a brand cast their buyer as the hero? Today, Steve and Emily talk about the elements of storytelling that resonate with human beings.

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