Long Story Short: Beautiful Brands and Beautiful Messaging

This one’s about: Why simple is often always better. How we can all lose ourselves in a story. A subscription service for self-improvement. And personalized gastrointestinal care for long-term relief.

When it comes to designing experiences, when is it time to be direct and obvious versus painting the whole, elaborate picture? Can a website be clever and engaging, but also convey what’s being offered within a few seconds?

In response to a recent Dr. J.J. Peterson webinar, Matt, Steve, and Emily discuss the brand and marketing messaging we encounter every day, what separates the good brand stories from the not-so-good ones, and wrap-up with a stroll through the digital world of some of the best (and worst) messaging for products being sold today.

Mentioned in this episode:

“Marketing answers the question of what do you do how does it make my life better and how do I get it? Branding answers the question of how does your brand make me feel?” – Dr. J.J. Peterson of Storybrand

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