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passionate. unafraid. committed.

Steve Smallman

Founder & CEO

Jennifer Espinosa

VP of Account & Business Operations

Matthew Deville

VP of Digital

Will Smallman

VP of Business Development

Ryan Hall

Senior Director, Brand Strategy

Dan Gerding

Director, Creative Strategy

Casey Hawes

Creative Director

Sam Oddo

Creative Director

Toki Lewis

Account Supervisor

Cason Mooney

Account Manager

Nick Patterson

Senior UX Developer

Josh Frisch


Stephen Schwartz

Senior Animator

Aaron Repko

Senior Animator

Kristen Mallory

Graphic Designer

Stephen Deitz

Senior Account Manager

Devin Emery

Senior Graphic Designer

Evan Reisberg

UX Developer

Emily Wolf

User Experience Strategist

Peter Vaselkiv

Business Operations Manager

Chris Bland

Digital Project Manager

Justin Klugh

Copy writer

Michael Brown


Kurt Dutra

Co-Founder & Advisor


Office Clown

we don’t hire
perfect people.

is a delusion


We work with pretty amazing people

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