Stephen Deitz

Senior Account Manager

About Us

A passionate fan of the Baltimore Orioles, Stephen takes a bird’s-eye view of every account he manages. Combining a passion for strategic creativity with an eye for project detail, Stephen wants his accounts to grow even faster than his two young sons. To Stephen, building partnerships with clients is like a soccer game: you have to combine speed with intelligence as you anticipate the next play. It’s not a perfect metaphor, but Stephen really loves soccer.

"The world is pretty and everyone should be quiet and enjoy it."

Enjoy Life

savor everything

Top Ten reasons staying up late is better than sleeping:

  • Sit outside and just look and listen
  • There’s always something that needs more thought
  • You can appreciate being awake, you cannot appreciate sleeping (in the act)
  • You can never have enough time for yourself
  • One more cold Natural Light
  • More opportunities for meaningful conversation
  • To listen to or play music
  • More time to do
  • More opportunities to laugh and smile
  • To finish that movie instead of waiting for another day

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