Ryan Thurber
Creative Director
the team
Ryan Thurber lives in a colorful world. Ryan spends his days animating and illustrating, bringing color and craftsmanship to our renowned animated content. A Maryland native who spends his weekends rambling through the greenery of Baltimore’s Druid Hill Park, Ryan sees things other people don’t see. He has a vision for the illustrations and animations that speak to your audience, bringing them into a world of color they’ll want to linger in. Ryan also enjoys skateboarding, screenprinting, running, biking, and fermenting his own vegetables and elixirs (yes, that’s a thing). Most of all, he likes chilling with his friends and family.
“How do god fit him ass in them jeans when he is, in fact, Everywhere”
Patricia Lockwood

speak softly

Top Ten:

  • Preston Sturges
  • Margaret Atwood
  • Porous Walker
  • The Chesapeake Bay
  • Basement Tapes
  • Waitakere Ranges
  • Dry Cider / Sour Beer
  • Panda Bear
  • Legion
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