Office Clown

About Us

What can we say? Of course we have an office dog. Pickles—named after the Baltimore-favorite Pickles Pub—is a super-mellow Frenchie who brightens our days. He is a gentle soul, except when Guto gets him riled up.

"What do dogs do on their day off? Can’t lie around – that’s their job."

George Carlin


snuffle or snuggle?

Ten things that define office life:

  • Chasing Guto’s shoes
  • Ear scratches from Schwartz
  • When the animation team sneaks cartoon versions of me into their videos
  • Conference calls in Kara’s lap
  • Toki’s Converse laces
  • When Mikko brings me milkbones from Luigi’s
  • Trying to make Will a dog person
  • Matt’s “dog talking” voice
  • The smells of Hampden
  • When Steve lays on the floor with me and calls me “little buddy”

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