Lauren Simmons
Graphic Designer
the team
Yoga, cycling, and SCUBA certified, Lauren Simmons has everything but a license to kill–though if she had some time while rewatching “The Office” this weekend, she may have picked one of those up, too. Movement has defined Lauren’s career thus far, as she trained as a dance major at the University of South Carolina, studied abroad in Thailand, snowboarded down mountainsides, and secured a design internship at Under Armour. If you ask, she might let you in on her favorite Baltimore happy hour (Clavel) or what her spirit animal is (mermaids), but really, her passion is channeled into broadcasting one single, unarguable fact: Karen was better for Jim than Pam.
“I love the abstract, delicate, profound, vague, voluptuously worldless sensation of living ecstatically. ”
Anais Nin
Let’s Do This

Favorite Things to Consume or Experience

Top Ten

  • Good beer (I don’t discriminate)
  • Thailand
  • Weird Illustrations
  • Fresh powder to snowboard
  • Learning about new cultures, then traveling to them
  • Waking up without a hangover on the weekend
  • Eating
  • Balinese surf
  • Rewatching The Office
  • Dancing at concerts
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