Kara Smolenyak
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Kara Smolenyak has spent her first decades on earth in constant motion: traveling the world, plunging into the ocean along her native Jersey Shore, dancing and doing yoga, jogging and making greeting cards. And as someone who lives for action, the role of Live Action Project Manager suits her perfectly. Kara not only keeps herself in motion, she keeps our award-winning live action video projects progressing on schedule and on budget. That means our team delivers the right video at the right time to every client. It’s a gift that can only be complemented by one of Kara’s homemade greeting cards (don’t hesitate to ask for one).
“Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink the wild air.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
TOP TEN-ish.

don’t be basic

Ten things Kara can’t live without.

  • The Jersey Shore (born and raised, and ridiculously proud – anyone who knows me, knows this. Anyone who doesn’t, also knows this).
  • Running on the boardwalk – or being anywhere remotely close to the ocean.
  • Traveling – I’ve lived in two foreign countries and traveled to 27 and I don’t intend on stopping there!
  • Crafting ideas from the ground up – then seeing them come to life.
  • Bruce Springsteen. I’m that Jersey.
  • I know it’s basic – but Starbucks. And four more S’s: sunflowers, sunsets, sunrises, seaturtles.
  • Being on set with other passionate, talented creatives – and collaborating in general.
  • Jumpsuits and a good scarf. My closet is stacked with both.
  • At age 27, I am still playing kickball once a week. And I am proudly the captain of the team.
  • Painting floral landscapes – without using paint brushes.
  • Being Steve Smallman’s pop culture guru, despite my lack of pop culture awareness. Pre-load responsibly.
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