Cason Mooney

Account Manager

About Us

A farmer’s daughter from Virginia, Cason Talley is charged with harvesting great work from our animation team. Where she once applied her organizational talents to spacing seeds and rotating crops, she now applies that same talent to scheduling, budgeting, and account managing. Cason keeps our animation team cooking, turning out work that’s fresher than the zoodles she makes on the weekend. A devoted reader of John Steinbeck, she prefers clients to call her ‘Rose of Cason.’

"Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist"

Pablo Picasso


who made the coffee this morning?

Top Ten List:

  • Working somewhere you can be yourself, then become better
  • Good, strong coffee with fresh, smooth cream
  • French Bulldog snuffles
  • That perfectly broken-in, possibly hole-y sweatshirt
  • The Elm sandwich (with honey mustard!) at Common Ground Cafe
  • Peonies in June
  • The crack of a binding when you open an old book
  • John Steinbeck
  • Pineapples on any and everything
  • Brewery gallavanting

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