What’s your
lesson plan?

In education, every message
should be a learning experience.

How we learn defines what our world will become. Through education, companies are helping to build the future through programs that aid students in the classroom, allow educators to gain crucial experience, and construct industry-defining curriculum. With the right messaging and branding, these efforts can impact those who will impact the next generation.

Fifteen4 has been the partner of numerous educational entities and helped them build brands that have attracted and engaged their audiences. We’ve redefined departments and expanded the awareness of critical initiatives, all to help fortify a pillar of society: Not just what we know, but how we learn.


Work Example: Interactive Textbook Concept for Great Minds

Work Example: Animation for Sylvan Learning


Strategy Services:

  • Content Creation
  • Brand Strategy and Messaging
  • Remote Learning Strategy

Design Services:

  • Print Collateral (posters, booklets, worksheets)
  • Textbook Templates
  • Educational Illustration and Infographics

Digital Services:

  • Interactive Student Resources
  • Remote Education Platforms
  • Specialized Landing Pages

Video + Animation Services:

  • Teacher Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Character Animation

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