LookingGlass Cyber

Taming the content beast

A leader in threat intelligence with unique insights into dark web activity, LookingGlass helps companies deflect attacks before they happen. Following years of explosive growth and several major acquisitions, LookingGlass needed to redefine its position within the industry and establish a cohesive brand identity.

Fifteen4 began by developing messaging that incorporated the new acquisitions and presented a focused, unified message to site visitors. We then created an information architecture that makes the LookingGlass offerings clear and approachable. Finally, we established a design language that was applied to the site, print collateral, and white papers. We used alien landscapes as a visual metaphor for the dark web and the unknown, intentionally breaking from the industry cliché of cybernetic imagery. The system of iconography acts as a counterpoint to the landscape.

Fifteen4 developed the entire site using WordPress as the CMS, launching enhancements biweekly over a two month period.



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4. Print Collateral

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