JumpSeat is cleared for takeoff!

JumpSeat’s brand is having a moment. Through their innovative SaaS product, JumpSeat is forging impactful partnerships with some of the world’s largest brands. To match this success, they needed to boost their online presence. Fifteen4 created a new JumpSeat website that enables content editors to create new sections, blog posts, and landing pages with ease.

“Working with Fifteen4 has allowed us to thoughtfully restate our offering in a way that is already connecting with our buyers. They’ve been smart & fast learners, good leaders, and extremely agile in their workflow.”

Nicholas DeBenedetto, CEO of JumpSeat

We also created a dynamic brand video highlighting benefits to users of the JumpSeat platform. This content is ideal for top-of-the-funnel engagement, encouraging viewers to take a deeper dive into the platform’s benefits and functionality.

Fifteen4’s Digital team designed and built the new site in record time. As JumpSeat likes to say, “why walk when you can fly?”

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