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Is Code Dead?

Is Code Dead?

In a recent post, I posed the question “Is WordPress Dead?” I was quick to answer no. I’m back with another question, which is more difficult to answer, in my humble opinion. First, a little history I started designing and building websites in 2000. At the time, this...

How to Interview in the 21st Century

How to Interview in the 21st Century

Now 150% better with the addition of relevant musical selections sprinkled throughout the post,  for your entertainment! Usually I blog about UX or WordPress or other things that interest me, like B2B2C. Today, I want to talk about interviewing. Why? Lately, I’ve been...

The Box Talk

The Box Talk

[embed_guy source=""] Look, we get it. You’re creative. You have an art degree. You wear a fun hat. You have thoughts about “Devs.” And nobody is going to put you in a box. Marketing is a space in which creative people can...

How to Write Better Blog Posts

How to Write Better Blog Posts

Start writing better brand content I’ve talked about creating a content calendar and establishing relevant content categories for your brand, but today we’re going to talk about how to write better content for your brand (to be used on any channel) by understanding...

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